The One and Only


oo Allah..

thanks for giving me the happiness..

thanks for giving me the feeling of love..
thanks for giving me the strength..
thanks for giving me difficulties that make me stronger...
thanks for giving a wonderful family that's always beside me..
thanks for giving me that all lovely friends..
thanks for giving all the people around me..
thanks for being there for me when i need YOU..
thanks for everything..
Alhamdulillah ya rabb..

Please guide me all the time...
pleaze give me YOUR love and bless..
don't let me do the wrong thing..
sometimes i didn't notice that it will hurt myself and causing YOU angry..
so..juz stay close with me..and remind me always..
bcoz i'm juz like others..
can't avoid from mistakes..
if i do..
please take me away before i'm being far from you..
take me with u forever because....
I ALWAYS DO LOVE YOU..and the the one that i always need is YOUR LOVE..

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Thank You. Glad to see you again in the future. :)